Influenster is one of my favorite websites. You review items, answer questions, ask questions, socially communicate, and take surveys. When you take surveys, you are usually qualified to get free things. I have gotten free things from Influenster before. Comment below if you want a post about that.

Here's how to get an account:

Version 1: You get a request

1.) Go to your e-mail
2.) Click the activation link
3.) Continue the instructions

NOTE: I am sorry, but I will not be sending anyone a request. :( I ran out of them

Version 2: You don't get a request

1.) Go on their website
2.) Ask to get in
3.) Wait for an e-mail
4.) Continue with their instructions

Influenster is so much fun, and it is NOT a phony website. I got a VoxBox from them, but it takes time. I had my account for almost a year before I got my first VoxBox. So, chill.

Comment below what you like and don't like about the website, or if you have one.


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